Friday, January 8, 2010

Rodarte for Opening Ceremony Hits Stores and Wallets Hard

People everywhere been looking forward to Rodarte's collaboration with Opening Ceremony since the news went public. In particular, people have been fiending for a glimpse of how the Mulleavy sisters will fare in their first foray into menswear. As expected, the shredded knits are to-die-for, and the whimsical dresses are completely lust-worthy. The only thing that we hadn't expected is the astronomical price tag! Case in point: This men's crewneck sweater and cardigan (pictured) is going for a hefty $2,760! So what do you think? Are Rodarte's famous knits worth the price or are they just inspiration for a more economical DIY? Do you think any of the guys in your life would wear it?

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