Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Breaking News! Tyra Banks Re-signs with IMG

In breaking modeling news, Tyra Banks has re-signed with her agency of yore, IMG.

What this means: Tyra will probably be popping up on covers and in editorials very soon.

And what a perfect moment for the model-actress-host-novelist-photographer-mentor to segue back into modeling, right when curvy is in and the Glamazon might finally be backing a comeback.

In case you were wondering: Tyra “retired” from modeling after the 2005 Victoria’s Secret runway show. Five years later, she’s back.

We’re hoping for an epic V spread with Tyra, since their coverage of major celebrities still manages to be edgy and exciting.

excerpt from:

This is simply AMAZING! Cant wait to see her back on the runway!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Giorgio Armani and Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys was never my favorite artist but I would never take the fact that she can BLOW away from her. She is an amazing singer but her style on the other hand is not so amazing in my opinion. If you can recall her performance on the 2010 All-Star Game in February, You will remember that it was not that fashionable. She looked as if she was relaxing home on a Sunday with a studded pair of sweatpants(at least they looked like sweats), tank top, and over-sized necklace that did nothing for her ensemble. Her stylist is to blame for that one. BUT Alicia has decided to step it up for her "Element of Freedom" Tour.

Alicia Keys has teamed up with Giorgio Armani and he is now the designer of her European Tour's costumes. THIS IS GREAT! Alicia is a beautiful and I mean GORGEOUS woman. With the designs of Great Designer Giorgio Armani, she will shine beyond her voice and looks, and now her style.

Mister Armani has designed beautiful yet fashionable costumes for her. Some of the looks include an embroidered, crocodile-print military leather jacket worn with leggings, a silk one-shoulder top and Swarovski crystal-studded leather boots, a dark gray one-shoulder silk chiffon gown accented with Swarovski crystals and sequins; a second silk, embroidered one-shoulder top worn with leggings and crystal-kissed boots; and a sexy, ruffled black viscose lame mini dress accessorized with Swarovski crystal gloves.

This is great for Alicia because with costumes like this, she'll be sure the catch the eyes of everyone. Its not too much for yet it still holds the elegance of Alicia Keys herself and is totally fashionable. I can't wait to see the finished products of the garments. Here are some of the illustrations.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Beyonce "Why Don't You Love Me"

So from what I have heard a lot of people have not seen Beyonce's latest video "Why Don't You Love Me". For those who have seen it, i've heard they have mixed feelings. Personally I love the it. The video features Beyonce wearing many vintage style looks inspired by the 1950's era: platform pumps, one and two piece lingerie/swimwear, mini dresses, pedal pushers, bloomer shorts, gold accessories, bold red lipstick, heavy eyeliner, retro cat eye glasses, stockings and garters. Some of the items she wore were a Dolce & Gabbana floral bodysuit and Christian Louboutin shoes. Below is a pic of the looks and the video. Take a look!

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.

Kelis Speaks About Her Fashion Sense

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Style File: Ciara and Rihanna

Something that quickly caught my eye! Ciara and Rihanna killing them on the streets!
Ciara wore a sexy black dress with cutouts at Katsuya restaurant on Tuesday night with Giuseppe Zanotti Kama Booties (Beyonce also wore these during her Grammy performance this year). I do not know the designer of the dress but I will find it soon. She looked so good! Here's a pic!

Now Rihanna on the other hand was spotted heading to her Tour after party held at the Merah nightclub in London on Tuesday night. She wore Givenchy patterned leggings ($650) with a gray Helmut Lang Cropped Jacket top ($380) and black pumps. I love those leggings! The print is amazing. Here's a pic!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oscar De La Renta says, "Couture Has Become Completely Irrelevant"

while reading the New york Times, I came across a post that really interested me. Take a look.

"""The market for couture has shifted. Whereas in the past American socialites would buy couture dresses and parade them around town promoting the label, that's just not the customer anymore. Pre-fall! Resort! Daywear! That's what American women are buying, according to a new report by The Wall Street Journal. Everyone looks so casual. Oscar de la Renta, who designed Balmain’s couture collection for nine years (1993–2002), sees no point in creating couture clothes at all. "Couture has become completely irrelevant," he told the Journal. "Couture isn’t necessary, even to promote the brand. Customers are smart. They know that a $10,000 wedding dress will look as beautiful as a $1 million wedding dress. Maybe it will not be finished the same way inside, but who will know?"

So who's buying couture? Women in the Middle East and Russia. "For this very moneyed class, it’s less about the luxuriousness of wearing exquisite handmade to-order creations and more about conspicuous consumption and making museums out of their closets," the Journal reports. A couture dress by Elie Saab costs $600,000. Saab said a sheikh’s wife buys an average of six gowns each season. """

What made me read this was for one, the title. I agree that couture has become irrelevant to some extent. After taking my Great Designers class at school I've learned that people do not utilize couture the way it was years ago. Couture used to be worn everyday centuries ago. Couture is what help people distinguish the different between a socialite and a regular person. Now couture is only used on red carpets, award shows, and sometimes music videos. The only exception I would have to make is Lady Gaga. She is our generation's muse for Haute Couture, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. But she is about the only one. Couture is not seen at all much anymore except those special occasions. Why is that? What was happening then that is not happening now for us to not see couture as much anymore? hmmmm...