Thursday, January 7, 2010

Avatar Makeup Tutorial: VERY FUNNY

The fashion and beauty worlds are not without Avatar freaks of their own. Beauty blogger Gloria Shuri Nava, better known on YouTube as Glowpinkstah, created a genius tutorial in Avatar makeup so you can go around looking like one of those blue CGI people. Gloria, whose previous and equally spirited tutorials include Santa Claus and Kate Gosselin, said she created the Avatar look to "pay respects to the people of Pandora." Also because, "As you all know I’m single and I want to find my own sexy man in a wheelchair with skinny legs." She says the best way to achieve the correct blue skin tone is to bleach your skin first. She didn't do that because she can't afford it, but avoids turning out too green. "If you’re starting to look like a sea urchin, you know you’re doing it right," she explains, a Jonas Brothers poster prominently displayed behind her. Videogum actually made a parody of this tutorial, but it's not nearly as good as the real thing. Watch the video to find out how she makes herself look like the village slut.

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