Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pushing the Petal: J. Crew Plans to Open its New All Male Store

In September 2010, J. Crew will be opening its fourth all men’s store. By doing so, J. Crew will be growing its men’s business. As of now J. Crew has three all men’s store; one on West Broadway in Tribeca, one at the Garden State Plaza in New Jersey, and one in Soho.
The fourth J. Crew will be a 3,400 square foot store at 1020 Madison Ave and 79th street. According to WWD, the retailer is aggressively searching locations for additional units outside of Manhattan. Chief Executive of J. Crew Group Inc. Millard Drexler states, “It’s definitely a business now. It’s beyond the test phase.” He says this because according to the company’s accountant, men’s overall account for around a quarter percentage of the company’s $1.4 billion volume.
The Plan
Drexler states that, “the plan is not to open hundreds of stores in every mall location,” in its place the company is taking a “less is more approach.” In searching for locations for the new stores, the company wants high populations of “urban, sophisticated, fashionable and higher-income men who love fashion and love to looks good,” Drexler says. To achieve the success in opening the newest all men’s J. Crew, the company will make sure each store has its own personality. They will apply the same inspirations they gave the women’s store, to this men’s store. With hard work in designing and making sure this downtown store doesn’t look like one, but make it fit into the ambiance of an Upper East Side neighborhood, the J. Crew Group Inc. has a lot a head of them in order to succeed.

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