Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Breaking News! Tyra Banks Re-signs with IMG

In breaking modeling news, Tyra Banks has re-signed with her agency of yore, IMG.

What this means: Tyra will probably be popping up on covers and in editorials very soon.

And what a perfect moment for the model-actress-host-novelist-photographer-mentor to segue back into modeling, right when curvy is in and the Glamazon might finally be backing a comeback.

In case you were wondering: Tyra “retired” from modeling after the 2005 Victoria’s Secret runway show. Five years later, she’s back.

We’re hoping for an epic V spread with Tyra, since their coverage of major celebrities still manages to be edgy and exciting.

excerpt from:

This is simply AMAZING! Cant wait to see her back on the runway!

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