Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Who says Kelly needs Bravo anyway?

Alrighty so in recent gossip, its said that Bravo is undecided on a second season of Kelly Cutrone's reality series, Kell on Earth. The indecisiveness is still uncertain why; but from what's been in recent news, Ms. Cutrone has already signed "a major deal in L.A. last week for a scripted network TV show," PRNewser reports:
"I'm going to be executive producing and writing" she said. The show will be about the fashion industry. Cutrone will also be executive producing two other reality shows and will continue to appear on MTV's "The City," which returns on April 27th.

So let's count, that's one, two, three...three scripted shows without Kell on Earth. So from the looks of it, Ms. Cutrone does not NEED her Bravo show becuase there are plenty more in the making.

Personally, I like Kell on Earth and I hope they chose to have an additional season.

Here's more info if you want to read more about it:

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  1. Even though I haven't watch Kell on Earth I have seen Cutrone on the City and she is brilliant. I am not surprise with her television success. I love the fact that she real and is not afraid to speak her mind.